By popular demand from our customers, we’ve established a website and email hosting system.  We found that many of our customers didn’t have the technical resources to host their apps or websites after we created them.  As that service has grown, we’ve been making changes to keep up with demand.

Our enterprise class servers can handle the load of all your web and email needs at price you can afford.  We can grow with you as your business grows.

We can host that for you!

Whether we created the app or website for you, or you just need a new home for your existing one, we can host it.  We use world class Amazon AWS/EC2 services for our Windows/IIS, SQL Server, and email hosting, as well as additional managed Linux instances for WordPress or other PHP and MySQL based apps.

Our cloud computing environment was selected for its unparalleled reliability, availability, scalability, flexibility, and performance.  We offer shared hosting, or we can create and manage your own cloud server farm.  Additional servers or resources are just a few clicks away!

We constantly monitor our servers and resources so we can head off any potential performance issues.  All servers are backed up, including daily file-level and incrementals, and monthly full server snapshots.

Why use us for hosting?

There are many other options for website or email hosting on the market. What we’ve discovered though, is that those services have big problems with scalability and reliability.  One of our customers decided to go with a shared hosting plan.  Within a month, they had to upsize their plan TWICE because they kept reaching the limits and their site repeatedly crashed.  Now we have them on our Linux hosting platform and the site works beautifully as traffic continues to grow.

We take care of all the technical details so you don’t have to worry about it. Your hosting environment will be designed to meet your current and future needs.  But just in case, we also have the ability to easily scale up our environment!

If you have any questions, or would like to talk about your hosting needs, please contact us.