Ravine Software has an extensive background with online testing and learning management systems.

Where does our online testing experience come from?

Way back in the late 1990s, our founder began his career as a programmer working for a state educational testing department. His first job was to develop software that processed, edited, and scored K-12 standardized testing data. The systems he wrote were designed to process and validate tens of thousands of scanned student test records. Additionally, he worked on collegiate performance evaluation systems and collaborated closely with in-house statisticians. One of his first web-based applications, back when such things were rare and almost unheard of, was a training system for scoring student creative writing assessments.

From there, he moved to a small IT company. There, his skillset enabled the company to obtain a sole-source contract with the state to continue developing these systems. Working onsite at the Department of Education headquarters, he helped to develop their test processing systems. He innovated a unique system architecture to allow central distributed processing for a large group of data editors. He also invented a way to transmit data from remote field scanners, which the test publishing companies said was impossible. With this innovation, the Department of Education had an extra six weeks to examine the data, look for anomolies, etc.

Over the years, we have obtained vast experience developing K-12 testing and scoring systems, psychometric testing, evaluation, and scoring systems. We’ve also developed systems for peer evaluation, end-of-course testing, and driver safety testing.

How can your organization benefit from online testing or learning management software?

From making hiring decisions and evaluating your existing employees to knowledge management and risk assessment, there are many ways your organization could benefit from online testing and learning management software.

  • Product, service, and process knowledge
  • Skill verification
  • Continuous improvement
  • Personality analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Employee assessment and evaluation
  • Self and peer evaluation

Online testing is more important now than ever before! We can develop a custom system for you or get you in touch with one of our existing systems. Contact us today to discuss your needs! We’ll help you out with your online testing and learning management software adventure!