Have you ever heard of pre-employment testing? A pre-employment test is an assessment used to evaluate the personality of a job applicant. These assessments have been statistically validated to give an employer an idea of how good a fit a particular candidate will be for a job. For example, someone who is assessed to be “bold” might be a good sales person. These tests can also measure the long-term employment potential for a particular candidate.

One of the best pre-employment testing companies in the world is based right here in Knoxville. Resource Associates has been researching and developing pre-employment assessments for many years, and has satisfied customers all over the world.

Ravine Software and Resource Associates have partnered for 20 years to develop an online testing environment that delivers critical valuable assessment results to any company, large or small, who wants to take their hiring process to the next level.

A company interested in screening a potential candidate only needs to select the most appropriate assessment from the comprehensive list on the Resource Associates website. A purchase of one-or-many candidates can be completed through a simple online store. The credentials are sent to the candidate, and the candidate needs only to login and complete the assessment. At the end, the results are sent directly to the HR manager for review.

Resource Associates was founded in 1980 by Dr. Lucy Gibson. Dr. Gibson’s experience in the areas of test development, test validation, and implementation of selection testing programs built Resource Associates into a leader in the field. In addition to being well-published, she taught research methods, statistics, program evaluation and human resource management at the University of Tennessee and Tusculum College in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dr. Gibson acted as Vice President of Resource Associates alongside President and husband John Lounsbury, Ph.D. until her passing in 2015 from complications of ALS. She was well-loved by her community, her clients, and truly, any and all who knew her. Her legacy is carried on by daughters Mary Gibson and Amy Sparks of Resource Associates, and friend Nancy Foster, Ph.D., who are leading Dr. Gibson’s vision into the future.

Resource Associates can help any business, large or small, and in any industry. If you are in the market to find good employees for your company, head over to the Resource Associates website to get started!

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