Let’s face it: there is a LOT of software out there.  Software for everything.  Software to organize your music collection or to clean files off your computer.  There’s software to manage your business, your finances, your life, your refrigerator. So do you REALLY need custom software development?  Isn’t there software for everything these days?

The answer, of course, is NO!  Sure, you might be able to find a great accounting system.  But how do you make your accounting system work with your customer management system?  And how do you make your website connect to your billing system?  What if you are in a very niche industry and there’s just nothing out there that works for you?  In a few rare cases, you might find all-inclusive software that does exactly what your company wants it to do.  We’re happy to help you find that software.  That’s actually what we do as your solution provider.  We provide you with solutions, whether we find off-the-shelf solutions for you, or we do custom software development for you.

What if you buy a high-dollar accounting system, only to discover there is one critical feature that is missing?  Perhaps you need to import proprietary expense reports.  Or maybe you have an internal customer management system and you want your customers to be able to see their billing or account history online?  Good luck getting your vendors to support you, or to extend the system to meet your needs!

 So what can we do for you?

Ravine Software is a solution provider.  We can do anything you need, from researching and recommending off-the-shelf products to developing software from scratch.  We can ALSO make your systems work together.

What, exactly, does that mean to me?

To put it concisely, we will give you what you need. But as a business owner/operator, you know that your business is unique.  You know that you have unique processes.  Maybe you want to track the status of a product as it makes its way through the warehouse, or you want to automate some sort of batch processing that one of your employees spends hours each week on.  Maybe you want your systems to talk to each other.  Perhaps you have a fantastic system in your office, but you want to put it online and your vendor doesn’t support that.  You might just need custom sales reporting.  It could also be that you’ve been searching and searching and can’t find anything that does what you need.

In ANY of those cases, you need custom software development at some level.  We’ve saved accounting staff hours of work per week from doing tedious tasks with a simple custom software development package.  That’s called Return On Investment, or ROI.  Remember that.  We’ve brought the customer databases of utility companies and collection agencies online so that customers could login, view their account history, make payments, change their data, etc.  None of which was possible using off-the-shelf software.

So custom software development DOES include building software from the ground up.  But it also includes supplementing your existing systems with tools that automate, collaborate, or otherwise streamline the way you or your customers interact with those systems.

But isn’t custom software development expensive?

Remember that term mentioned above, “ROI?”  Return On Investment?  That’s what you have to keep in mind.  If we save one of your employees 5, 10, 20 hours a week, what is that worth, long term?  If you have to change your business model to adapt to a piece of software that just doesn’t really work for you, what does that do to your productivity and efficiency?  What if you lose sales because your customers can’t get to their information when they need it? How do you quantify that?

We will work with you to identify your specific needs, and we will offer the best solution to you.  We will work with you to meet your budgetary requirements.  You can opt to get everything you need all at once, or do it one piece at a time, like Johnny Cash’s Cadillac.

There’s nothing to be afraid of!

So who needs custom software development?  You do!  We can start with a blank slate and create what you need.

Blank Slate

We can start with a blank slate!

Contact us.  We will meet with you over the phone, in person, or via email to discuss your specific needs, using terms you understand.  Because we will get to know your business and your requirements, we’ll offer a custom software development solution that works for you, meets your budget, and helps you to improve your processes.